A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012
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page 10    

when the pair of wrens
came to sleep on the sill
for the first time
I lay awake
with worry

spaceRuth Holzer - USA
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  in the yard with Mom
I mention my brother...
a train whistle
cuts short
the song of a robin

spaceKenneth Slaughter - USA
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    flood markers
beside the bridge
submerged –
a great egret
sticks its neck out

spaceRodney Williams - Australia
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dipped into blossoms
the honeyeater's curved beak
purple, gold, red
I share this thirst
for colour

spaceLaura Jan Shore - Australia
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  attracted to the blue dress
i try it on, take it off
        the hand of who
        i used to be
        took it from the rack

spacemiriam chaikin - USA
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