A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012
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page 7    

so angry
for not knowing
where the truth lies
if I sip coffee now
it may start boiling

spaceLuminita Suse - Canada
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  one word
out of place
enough to confuse
this puzzle
of you and me

spaceKeitha Keyes - Australia
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    love affair
like a film broken
in the projector
slap slap slap
till someone turns it off

spaceRoger Jones - USA
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An argument
to melt polar ice;
I want to leave you
walk out tonight –
don't let me go

spaceMarian Olson - USA
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  my friend says maybe
tonight really is the Rapture
how difficult it is
how hard to say goodbye

spaceBeverly Acuff Momoi - USA
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