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Visual Innovation in Renku Poetry

Seasoned With Chili – Bea Bereis, Simone Busch, Ramona Linke

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Notes and Biographies:

"My photos are taken with a digital SLR, model Olympus E420. Generally I choose the smallest aperture as possible to get a shallow depth of field, because I like to "paint" the background of the photo. All my pictures are taken in raw-format in order to develop the photos for myself. In this shisan the photos are not modified and processed at all with one exception: The color of the flute picture "Le nozze di Figaro" was changed. All photos are cropped for right size. The last photo of the shisan, the one with the window and the half-closed shutter, is taken in South Tyrol; all the others are taken in Germany."

Bea Bareis

"Ramona Linke and I started to create this shisan in November 2011 in German. We both are passionate haiga artists and love to write linked haikai poetry as well; therefore it was a small step for us to try it out. We decided to only use the photo art of Bea Bareis because we aimed to have a certain visual unity in this work. The poetry came first and after each line we chose a photo that fit the words, without explaining them, but, that could exalt the imagination of the viewer. All the communication was done via email as Ramona and I live too far away from each other to meet. It took us one month of concentrated work to get the shisan finished. Afterwards we made a translation into English which is rather more loose than literally correct, to maintain the spirit of the poetry. The German version is published by Volker Friebel's monthly haiku selection in German at Haiku-Heute.de"

Simone K. Busch

Ramona Linke was born in 1960 and lives in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany). She began writing haiku in 2003. She also writes tan-renga, renku and rengay, takes photos and paints in sumi-e, aquarelle, and other mediums. Ramona blogs at http://haiku-art-rl.blogspot.com/

Simone K. Busch was born in 1965 and currently lives with her family near Bonn, Germany. She has a university degree in business administrations and is trained as a teacher for creative writing. She writes short stories, poetry and for some time also haiku and haiga. Lately, she become involved in writing linked haikai poetry.

Bea Bareis was born in Mannheim in 1965 and grew up in Berlin. She lives with her family in the Rhine Valley between Bonn and Koblenz. Bea studied music in Berlin and works as a flutist. She teaches the flute, piano, and regularly performs with the "Schaffrath Trio", in a duo with a harpist, and in various other chamber music ensembles. Four years ago she revived her passion for photography and enjoys creative work together with Simone K. Busch. The original German version of "Seasoned With Chili" is published in Volker Friebel's monthly haiku selection at Haiku-Heute.de – http://www.haiku-heute.de/Archiv/Chili-fuers-Dinner/chili-fuers-dinner.html

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