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The Graphic Haibun of Linda Papanicolaou

Linda Papanicolaou is an art historian and teacher, a well-published haiga practitioner and the editor of Haigaonline. She has created an innovative approach to the mix of image, prose and haiku, namely the "Graphic Haibun." Most haiga contain short poems (haiku or tanka) along with an image. To my knowledge, very few other haiga practitioners have tried to adopt longer genres, such as haibun, into images because of the limitations of the image – most don't have sufficient room for text beyond a poem. As you will see, Papanicolaou's approach is to create graphic images that have space for haibun prose and poems as well as to introduce the idea of sequencing. The images are a distinctive type akin to images one sees in newspapers and artistic comic books, aka "graphic novels." In addition, Papanicolaou's work features both reportage and personal or fictional approachs to haibun prose, which aren't unique, but which appear infrequently in haibun compositions.

In this feature, we are pleased to introduce you to "The Bone Flute," a new work by Linda Papanicolaou which ends with her own comments on the graphic haibun form. We also provide links to her other published graphic haibun and to an interview with her entitled "Graphic Haibun."

~ Ray Rasmussen, AHG Haibun Editor

The Bone Flute: | page 1 | page 2 | page 3 | page 4 | Comment by Linda Papanicolaou |

Other Graphic Haibun by Linda Papanicolaou

"The Siren Cup"

"Interstate 80"


"The Oseberg Find"

"Putting By"

"Lingering Snow"


"Graphic Haibun: An Interview with Linda Papanicolaou"

1. "The Siren Cup" appeared in Haibun Today, 5:1 March 2011.
2. "Interstate 80" appeared in Haigaonline, 8:1, Spring/Summer 2007.
3. "Mnemosyne" appeared in the Sante Fe Poetry Broadside, #49, October 2006.
4. "The Oseberg Find" appeared in Haibun Today, January 22, 2008.
5. "Putting by" appeared in Simply Haiku, 2:4, Summer 2006.
6. "Lingering Snow" appeared in Haigaonline, 7:1, spring/summer 2006.
7. "Keepers" appeared in Haigaonline, 7:2, autumn/winter 2006.
8. "Graphic Haibun: An Interview with Linda Papanicolaou" appeared in Haibun Today, January 22, 2008.